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Tropic , is a manufacturing, trading, and development company in food and beverage industry. We source pure and clean ingredients from different suppliers across the globe, and ensure flexibility, solid supply chain to our customers. We make ingredient systems locally in our sister company manufacturing plant to stay most cost effective, and help availability & on-time delivery also optimize shelf life.


Fruit and Vegetable

Flavor & Fragrance

Fruit & CSD Emulsion

Energy & Sport Base

Fruit Compound & Preparation

Pectin & Stabilizer

Clouding agent & Colour

Health Ingredient

NAB Foaming agent & Improver


Market Intelligence

Tailor Made Projects – Individual solutions created specifically according to the customer needs. Opportunity Assessment - A comprehensive understanding of the market is the key for all business decisions.
Category Analysis – Being constantly updated about the latest development of product categories you are doing business in.
Integrated Solutions – Coverage of the whole food and beverage business start or expansion cycle.

New Product Development

Formula development – Taking the basic idea of your food and Beverage develop into a full, market-ready concept.
Manufacturing and co-packing – We are offering professional beverage contract manufacturing services.
Capable to bottle pasteurized, carbonated and still drinks with acidified (<4 PH) character in:
Glass Bottles (28mm, 38mm neck size)
PET Bottles (28mm, 38mm neck size)
Alu. Cans (202mm, 206mm lead)

Laboratory Services

Formulation & Tasting protocol – We bring your idea to formulation and record the success by tracking sensory tests.
Shelf Life Testing –You can See the result of shelf life in product stability in shorter period of actual shelf life.
Standard Complying – Make sure our provided ingredients & ingredient system together with suggested recipe, complies with target market food acts and standards.
Small scale sample Bottling – take advantage of small scale sampling for lower financial risk and getting feedback from consumers, buyers, or investors. We can fill in and present 20 bottles per product.
Capable to bottle in:

  • Glass Bottles (28mm for Carbonates- 28 & 38 for both still & Carbonated beverages)
  • PET Bottles (28mm, 38mm neck size for still beverages)
  • Alu. Cans (202mm for still and carbonated beverages)

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